Together with Carmina Shoemaker, we have collaborated to create a special GMTO offering based on my choice of colors on their model. Left to my own design and liking, after much thought, I decided to go with their single monkstrap model that I have always loved after having first seen it way back when in the whiskey cordovan. Since then, I was enamored with the model but always wondered how it would look like a two-tone offering. As no one ever apparently made one via MTO with Carmina (at least not that I have ever seen in photo), I decided to go for it. But there is where things got tricky. When you have owned thousands of shoes over the years, picking something unique can be tricky. Not to mention time-consuming and mind-boggling when you are presented with as many options that Carmina has to offer. And I wanted something that I never had done before.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted more of a ‘Summer’ style combination. Being that I had this same type of style in all suede from G&G (soon to come in unboxing), I decided that I need a leather/suede combo. Most of my ‘Summer’ shoes already came in the millions of shades of brown that are usually found in shoes, so I decided that I wanted to go for Burgundy, as I love the color and can easily make the shoe ‘pop.’ Now this is where it took me more time to decide, thinking which color suede to complement. I knew that I wanted some contrast, as I am a sucker for a two tone, but did not want to go crazy. So I checked out the suedes close to ‘snuff’ and found this lovely Maraca repello suede. It was going to present a bold combination but one that I knew would suit a lot of Summer tones, think ‘oatmeal’ linen and the like.

So I waited and a month or so later, the shoes were ready and came out great! Bold and beautiful, just how I like them!

I went for the Simpson last, which is Carmina’s narrow last, as my foot is actually narrow so I fit that quite well in my actual size of UK7.

And even better is that Carmina decided to have some fun and put these as a GMTO for all of you to order as well. So, if you like my color choices, you can also have these too. See below the details:

Price: $475
Last: Simpson
Burgundy Vitello / Maraca Repello
Sizes Available: UK5 – UK14 (all half sizes between)
Time to produce: 45 Days

GMTO offer ends: July 28th, 2021

Link to Buy:

I hope that everyone enjoys this fun project between Carmina and myself! The unboxing video coming soon on these bad boys!

6 thoughts on “Carmina x The Shoe Snob – New GMTO On Offer!”

  1. I like your products. But where are you located in England and your phone number in case I want to purchase one of your products?

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      I am located in NYC. This site is a blog page though. Not one brand. Each shoe in the posts are by different makers. You have to read the posts to figure out the maker and contact them direct.

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