Carmina has recently launched a killer GMTO run of 4 Fur Lined boots for the Winter. Those of you who live in rough weather cities will know just how crucial it is to have warm footwear during those colder-than-life days that are all too familiar come the Jan/Feb months of terror!

Truth be told, I used to always say, ‘Baahh, who needs a fur lined boot!’ You know, I tend to talk a lot of shit without always truly knowing 😉 Then I made myself a pair and during my first Winter in NYC, found out that they were life savers from gangrene as it gets so cold that your toes will most certainly freeze if you do not protect them properly. You better believe that I break those fur lined boots every time the weather drops below freezing now. Because all of my other boots are made to fit thin dress socks which most certainly do not protect anything!

Back to the point here. These fur lined boots are a great offering. There are 4 models and the deets are below

Price: Between $525 – $555 (and thats with shoe trees!!)

Models: 4 – see here pictured

Color options: almost endless, these are just the highlighted colors. Each model offers another set of +8 color variations per model

Time left to purchase: 5 days

Turnaround time: Carmina quotes 45 days. Impressive if they actually meet that.

Where to buy?: Link below

Imagine….the zip boot in Loden Suede! Boom. Now thats great shoemaking!

Happy Shopping and a great weekend to all!

-Justin FitzPatrick

2 thoughts on “Carmina GMTO – Fur Lined Boots”

  1. Fur lined boots seem like a good idea where it gets very cold – but only when a person is outside. I suspect I’d want to take them off pretty quickly once I was inside (my office, house, a restaurant, etc.).

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