Camel - The New Exotic by Corthay

Corthay has come up with a new leather to use that I don’t believe has ever really been utilized in the high end shoe industry (not at least in the modern era), and that is the likes of good ‘ol camel. Supposedly it’s pliability (8x that of calf) makes it a really durable, yet also very comfortable leather to wear. My question is how would it take a shine? Probably not very well as most exotics don’t. But I do like its texture. It’s quite mild really, nothing too crazy like many of the other exotics out there. Apparently it has been so popular for their Dubai market that they also did a range of bags and such as well in the camel leather (at least I am sure that is what they said, unless my memory is failing me here). Either way, it’s interesting to see a new leather used for shoemaking….

On another note, Australian blogger, Timeless Man did a nice write up (with some great photography) of his bespoke fitting with George Cleverley if you are interested in seeing it:

The last thing is that there is one week left to take advantage of our offer for free shipping on–don’t miss that opportunity!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Camel - The New Exotic by Corthay Camel - The New Exotic by Corthay Camel - The New Exotic by Corthay


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4 thoughts on “Camel – The New Exotic by Corthay”

  1. I visited Corthay’s store in Dubai a few months ago and tried this very shoe. Apparently the camel leather is tanned right there in the UAE (Abu Dhabi). It’s remarkably supple while feeling strong, and the texture is lovely. Alas, Corthay’s lasts are so long and narrow, I doubt they’ll ever be on my list!

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