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There is a new shoemaker in town and he is making some very interesting shoes, quite reminiscent of the style of my old friend Riccardo Bestetti. His name is Caio Torres, his brand is Maestro and he is from Brazil. I find the fact that he comes out of Brazil most intriguing as he is the first to really come out of there, at least that I have seen. And his shoes look amazing, in terms of style and making.

I cannot claim to have much information on him or his shoes and it is all quite confusing, to say the least, the small amount of research I have done. His site is currently not working and all of his posts are in Portuguese. So, I have no history with regards to his making and where he was trained. From the look of the shoes, it was more than likely in Italy. It is all pretty recent that he has decided to make his name more known as prior to 2021, his IG page was full of bridal-style shoes. But it would now appear that he is trying to build his handwelted line now and showcase his art to the masses. From the looks of the shoes, I can only imagine that he will soon become very well known. As per usual, what will help with that is knowing the pricing of his footwear. I can only imagine that it is very competitive, but time shall tell once I am able to get more info.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy these photos and do a bit of research if you are so inclined. I will soon reach out and see what else I can find for a future post.

Find him on Facebook:

Find him on Instagram:

***Please note an update discovered, while these look welted, they are in fact, a cemented construction with the look of a welted one***


6 thoughts on “Caio Torres – Brazil’s Top Shoemaker”

  1. Justin, much like yourself, I am intrigued with the footwear by Caio Torres. There are several designs that I have envisioned wearing with one of my custom, bespoke suits however, I have no more information than what you shared. Please let me know, when you do acquire more information and please share it with us. In addition, I have not yet seen any of your footwear. Would you be so kind and point me to your site? Thank you, in advance.

  2. Hello Justin, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon make a new video with a pair of shoes from Caio Torres and make your review. From the aspect of style the shoes look terrific, but I would like to hear your opinion about the quality of them …

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