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Septieme Largeur Full Brogues patina

Too busy to really write a lot in this moment, but just noticed these bad boys by Septieme Largeur and nearly fainted. Its probably one of the best patinas I have ever seen. Not necessarily in its complexity but in the way that it flows with the pattern. Simply brilliant. The only downfall to all of you men who read the site, is the fact that this model is strictly for women. But maybe if you guys protest enough, Septieme Largeur might make it into a shoe offered for men as well!!

3 thoughts on “Brogues to You Make Yearn!!”

    1. these were a patina, so you would have to ask them to make it for you….it is available just not “readily” available

      1. Thanks for the reply, at the time the only women’s model listed on their site was a Chelsea boot, they have since restocked thewomen’s brogues.

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