Brogues For Life!

Brogues For Life!
I tend to think of myself as a hardcore shoe fanatic, sometimes asking myself ‘why do you like shoes so much?’ But then I see this guy’s feet and realize that I don’t have anything on him. I mean, I have tattoos and I love shoes, but I would never do this. And that is not to say that I don’t like this. I think that it is brilliant, but just a bit too hardcore, in my opinion, to have for one’s entire life…But I admire it nonetheless and find the artistry (and design) to be amazing. I quite like the medallion actually, as it is simple, yet unique. I also like the brogueing that connects the heel counter to the top of the quarter (underneath the lacing). That is also something that I have never seen done on an actual pair of shoes and makes me wonder how it would look if attempted….things to think about! Nevertheless, I thought that you would all get a kick out of this, as it’s not your typical shoe porn, but something so much more: Shoe Craziness!!

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