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lapo-ss-velours-marine-forme-203 (1)

For Spring/Summer we all want to comfortable because let’s be honest, when it is overly hot that is anything but comfortable. Now while I am not the type of guy that tends to go around without socks, I can imagine the appeal particularly when it is in a nice pair of suede numbers such as these beauties by Septieme Largeur. And while I think that green is the color of 2016, I can’t lie and must say that I personally gravitate towards blue as it is my favorite color after all. But if I was to live the sock free life come summer time, I am sure that I would find myself in a seam-free shoe like this and naturally in either a beautiful navy or green suede. One thing that I have never been so bold to do in my own line but love to see in other’s is the natural colored sole which I think really helps to make the shoe stand out and be that little bit more special. Well done SL!

lapo-ss-velours-marine-forme-203 - SL lapo-ss-velours-marine-forme-203

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