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Dear Readers,

Well the day has finally come that the blog will undergo a bit of changes through a new platform (wordpress) and a new design/layout. However, this means that in the morning, tomorrow (GMT time), the blog will be down for a few hours as the transition takes place. I hope that you all will enjoy the new updated feel of the blog and I look forward, as I hope that you do too, to the new The Shoe Snob and all that the future will bring!! I have been thinking of new things to start doing and while it will take time to put it all in place, I am sure that it will all be worth it when the time comes. To give you a hint, the idea is to bring all of you more exclusive shoes, not only with my own brand but with others too!!

In the meanwhile, enjoy some random beauties below, in black/grey!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”




Septieme Largeur

Septieme Largeur

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