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I will admit that prior to visiting Pitti this year, I was not too crazy about Italian brand, Bettanin & Venturi. The reason being is that what they are originally know for, i.e. triple welt norvegese soles with twisted roped laces with tassels at the end, was for me a bit over the top. Especially the ones with square toed lasts. However, in recent years it would appear that the brand has taken a new direction and while their original models are still apart of the collection and what they offer, they decided to branch out a bit and do a bit more mainstream models, like your classic welted oxford, chukka, derby etc. And while that stuff does not really tickle my fancy either, what did catch my eyes were their button boots, particularly the one in their “Autumn Leaves” patina which was simply sublime.

And while I am wishing that I took more pictures now of everything that they offer, I can say that this boot shows the great extent of what they are capable of. The patina is out of this world, especially when thinking that they offer it as a production level product. And what is missing is the other color that it comes in (which is a mixture of blues/greens/purples) but that I only saw in swatch form.

While B&V do not hold RTW stock, they can make shoes for individual clients on an MTO basis. Prices start from €850 for handwelted construction. Simply email them up and if you need help I can try to assist.

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