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First note: I am not a professional photographer, hence the angle of this picture making his jacket look way too long and his torso very disproportionate. But this is not in fact the way that it really is, it is the picture and the angle of it that makes it look like this. So….sorry for that.

This gentleman is a regular customer of ours, as I am sure many other places around London and I must say that I have never been less than astonished when ‘taking in’ his outfits, which are always different. He usually wear suede shoes (strange for being a Londoner), which is why I was so pleasantly surprised this time when I saw his C&J spectators adorning his outfit. As I was completely mesmerized this time by the coordination in his outfit, I could not help but ask for a picture in order to share with all of you. Everything in his outfit was perfect, even the way in which he walked around with his hat hanging on his cane. (I would obviously have narrower trousers, but that’s just me). I always enjoy appreciating the concoctions that he creates, usually with either DB’s or 3-Pieces (which are also my favorites) and can only hope that I look as elegant as he does when I, too, am a retiree. And while I work on a street synonymous with excellent style, I can confidently say that I have never seen anyone who does it better than him.

28 thoughts on “Best Dressed Man In London”

  1. best dressed in london .. must be a low bar.

    horribe dirty brown colour suit.
    jacket too long.
    baggy bottomed trouser.

    & in a broader sense juts completely dressing out of context .. i hope G&H didnt make or sell this suit otherwise i would quit your shoe shining within their premises for reputational damage.

  2. I think he looks great! Certainly a “dandy,” who is bound to get some attention by the way he dresses, but I appreciate anyone who puts some thought into their dressing (whatever his/her personal style may be).

  3. First 3 posters – by the timing of your posts, I am inclined to think that you are the same person, and thus a troll. If indeed you are not, than a. my picture is that bad or b. you don’t know anything about style. If you can do better, then send me a picture so that I can put it on the blog and let everyone critique you. Easy to talk on the net….but putting yourself out there takes a set of you know what…. if indeed you are trolls, I will figure it out and eventually start spamming your comments.

    Anon 4 – the picture truly did not do justice….he looks a million times better in person.


  4. Not really a fan of the double breasted waistcoat, but that man makes it work.
    I love the colour of the suit.
    And I want the shoes.

  5. Poem for you Justin by Pietro Grieco

    When he shines shoes,
    speaks and gestures watermarks in the air,
    it is habitual that his hands
    resemble dreams of dreams unfulfilled–
    But, what customer knows or guesses
    behind that smile what polishes and burnishes
    the tough desires of his memory?

    Now, unshaved for days
    on the sunny sidewalk of Florida Street
    he sleeps. Yes, he sleeps in his summer smile
    wrapped by the golden light of the winter sun.

    Who is going to ask him to shine shoes?
    The million people that daily flows past.
    How? He has an infinite dream…
    In it he runs now!
    Runs and jumps on a prairie,
    following swallows and countryside doves,
    blue doves
    while drunken orange blossoms perfumes,
    caress his hair.

    Even if the wax melts, the flannels fly
    and the brushes walk,     who?
    But who can awaken him
    from such exclusive chimeral treasure?

    Sadly, I never knew his name



    Pietro Grieco

     Pietro Grieco is Doctor of Divinity, has an OBD in Administration Sciences, and a Master of Arts in Literature and Writing.  He taught at the Buenos Aires University and Belgrano University in Argentina, and  at the California State University San Marcos, CA.  Mr. Grieco wrote academic essays, poetry and seven books. Some of his articles on spirituality have been translated into German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. He resides with his wife Blanchette in Spain.



    The Old Buenos Aires’ Shoeshine Man Pietro Grieco ? When he shines

  6. Everyone has their own taste; I think the point is that this man has decided to make an exceptional effort to cut a dash when doing no more than walking along the road. He’s also, of course, made quite a financial investment in the same.

    I wouldn’t wear that lot either – vile tie and that fruity buttonhole (is that aluminium foil?!), open double breasted looks shabby to me..blah blah. But it’s not my suit.

    Even though I can’t imagine waltzing around with a panama hat twiddling on the end of my cane, there is a part of me that is glad that someone does. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different, but one should always aspire to it! Well done, sir!

    P.S. I’m sure I recognise this fellow.

    P.P.S. I adore the wing tip spectators (more correctly “correspondent shoes” in English). Those I would wear, and up yours if you don’t like them!

  7. Thank you Alex for bringing so,e good taste t this blog! Double breasted jacket kept open with a waistcoat .. the guy doesn’t have a clue. Cane and panama in London in 2012 doesn’t work .. maybe in s America pal.

    Justin, I’ve posted a link t my pic as requested to give you a sense of my style .. feel free to comment on my style as cruelly as you wish ..Dave.|2;d|ethzZz5nxE3ylM:

  8. i have to agree with dave on the above point .. even though he seems to be a bit of a strange fish from his other comments.

    suit doesnt look like it fits well to me, and the colour palette isnt attractive to me personally, each to their own i say.

    dave .. are you some kind of modern day commie? this is a SHOE blog?! not a socialist workers blog!


  9. To poster, Anonymous (aka Dave), will you please keep your man crush of male underwear models out of this discussion. I’m not a homophobe, but you have reminded us readers several times of your attraction towards these men.

    Regarding the “Best Dressed Man in London”, not my style, but I’m thankful for his passion in the way he dresses himself.

    Cheers everyone.

  10. Justin,

    We all know there are “rules” (or better described as guidelines) to dressing correctly viz ‘don’t wear brown to town’, width of trouser bottoms should be two thirds the length of ones shoes, if you wear a coat (jacket) it should be buttoned up, when wearing a 6 on 2 DB coat top buttoning is more formal, bottom buttoning is more casual, if you have no buttoniere and have to pin a flower on don’t wear one etc etc, and maybe our gentleman knows all this but choses to be true to himself in a style that he wants to adopt. So what? Surely this is far better than those who pitch up in raggety arsed track suit bottoms, scruffy trainers and tee shirts with mindless slogans or jokes that were only mildly amusing for the first few seconds they were on display.

    His style would not be my choice but all credit to him for enjoying his.

    Best regards,

  11. rules keep you ‘safe’ in terms of tastefulness as they use tried and tested aesthetics, when you break them you really need to knwo what you are doing as you are experimenting with a different aesthetic. you take risk.

    this fellow has taken a risk, and its unfortunately misfired as he doesnt have a good eye. if this is the case you need to admit it and go back to the ‘rules’ im afraid as this makes you look like you tried HARD and still failed to look stylish.. isnt that even sadder than a tracksuit wearing asbo?


  12. if anyone disagrees with napoleon straight away he says yu dont know anything bout style, and he does!!!!!!ha ha ha ha.What about the trousers napoleon wears that look like tights!!!!!!but he does allow dissent, at least hes not like some tossers who block anyone with a prob. believe me this colour shouldnt exist, its shite. good cut though but waistcoat wrong, good shoes.Pietro Grieco, do we care what stuff youve done? no not really, bit pathetic man

  13. There are no rules of taste. I am not criticising this man’s choice of attire, even though it would not be mine: I simply commend him on aspiring to and investing in, both elegance and individuality.

    No, trying hard to look stylish to everyone is called fashion, and it’s a game for fools. Trying hard to maintain high standards of quality and to have one’s own stamp of character within it, is always a success.

    Proper suit, proper shoes, and a couple of dandy touches that are an acquired or niche taste. It doesn’t matter which of us like it or don’t – those things are empirically just better than a tracksuit or slogan t-shirt.

  14. Super chick that’s funny .. napoleon đŸ™‚

    Justin’s a nice napoleon though .. I forgive his penchant for colourful pointy loafers with garish socks as he does allow for revolutionary thought on his blog ..

    As for the above I think our friend wit his straw hat and cane is a perfect example of bourgeoise decadence .. money wasted on a grotesque creation .. to the benefit of no one ( apart from a few sycophants like our dearest napoleon!)


  15. Laurence – while his style is not exactly how I would dress, like you said, ‘he makes it work’ and that is what I appreciate about him….

    Anon – you have too much time on your hands

    AlexB – If you are in retail, in London, then you have definitely seen him. He is always out and about, buying new clothes.

    Dave – you spend more time on my blog than I do….that’s a bit worrying.

    Michael – Fair enough, to each his own right? I think in regards to the fit, it is picture, as he only gets bespoke and MTM, as far as the length of his trousers, well he is from a different era, not to my taste either, but I can still appreciate the whole ensemble.

    Anon – thanks for sharing

    Snapper – The thing I love about your comments Snapper is that they are always eloquent and intelligent. Even if you disagree with everything that I am saying, you do so in such an elegant manner. I thank you for that!

    Michael – can’t say that I agree with this…sticking to the rules is quite boring, and makes you look like everyone else. The ‘greats’ did not stick to the rules….

    Superchick – ohhh how i never miss your commentary…at least I found a way to get you off my FB page…too bad blogger is a bit more lenient if I want to allow normal people to comment, then I have to take the abnormal ones as well…

    Alex B – well said Alex, I couldn’t agree more…

    Dave – you and superchick should hook up, gain some more hobbies and possibly not spend soooo much time trolling on my blog…what a thought????


  16. Justin I fear the products you are using to polish your pointy colourful shoes are having some kind of physiological effects ..and causing a huge prolapse in all sense of style and good taste. Nobody thinks trousers like these look good .. Infact this whole get up is reminiscent of a zoot suit of the 1940s in the us .. one of the worst fasion mistakes if all time.


  17. Napoleon .. decrees only pointy Italian loafers look good. Odd colours like red and green even better. Fashion rules must be broken .. this is the only way to look good otherwise its boring.

    Idea for shoe line brand name .. ‘international pointy Bonapartes’ .. as made by American in England with shoes made in Italy .. pointy as they look like they can take someone’s eye out if not careful .. bone part to represent napoleon. Brands face coud be man in brown zoot suit although his baggy trousers would cover most of shoe but that would probably be for the best đŸ˜‰

    Chris Parkinson

  18. Damn theres a lot of angst on this board! Have to say Justin this fellows suit doesn’t look right at all .. the length of the jacket is far too long for a start looks very costumey indeed. Most of the good tailors on the row would probably refuse to make a jacket this long .. colour is not particularly to my taste either I’m afraid.


  19. Pete – thanks for your honest commentary. While you might not like the suit overall, the jacket was not long, its just the angle of the picture….

    To all the rest of you trolls – go get a life. Your attempts at insulting me are so lame. To superchick, i know that you comment under other names, you are not clever….

  20. Just found this blog, some very good information here on shoes.

    As far as this post goes, I would echo the general sentiment – I don’t like this man’s style. Shirt and tie are very smart, and go very well together. The double breasted jacket is a bit too much, especially when left undone. It is fairly common knowledge that no matter how well-tailored a jacket is, the fit is ruined if it is left undone whilst standing up. I find it difficult to believe your comment about the jacket being a good length and the photo simply exaggerrating it; it looks far too long. Surely even photography cannot produce such an illusion?

    The trousers are a bit too baggy and it looks as though they break too much at the shoes, which, I feel, are too flash. Incidentally, this is the main issue I have with the outfit – it’s all a bit too much. The colour of the suit, the shoes, the bulbous flower, the hat and cane.

    Style is a very personal thing; I feel as though you have taking the above comments a touch too personally. Keep up the good work with the blog.

    PS: the ‘prove you’re not a robot’ system on this site is ridiculous, I’m doubtful as to whether I’ll even get past it…

  21. Ben – Style is a very personal thing indeed and I thank you for your honest feedback. Nothing said above was taken personally by me, only that since you are new to the blog, you have yet to notice that many times I am graced with trolls who like to stir the pot.

    I would beg to differ that if seen in person, many of the people who commented negatively would have a change of heart. Does not mean that they would all of the sudden like the outfit, but that it would be seen in a different light. A bad picture can do terrible things to an outfit and proportions. I see it all of the time when I take pictures of myself for my WIAW post.

    Nevertheless, honest comments like yours (whether in agreement or not) are always welcome and encouraged.

    Sorry about the prove your not a robot feature, but I need that to fend off the ridiculous amount of spam that I would otherwise receive

    Thanks for posting


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