Bespoke Shoes I Have Made


In my quest to start my own shoe line, I went to Italy to learn the art of shoe making by hand, under the late Stefano Bemer. I did this because I wanted to be an owner of a shoe company who actually knew everything that there was to know about shoes, most importantly the construction and being able to justify why my shoes will cost what they do. During that time, and even still when I get some free time, I was able to make some shoes for myself that pretty much represent me and my style sense. Obviously some of them are relatively ostentatious, as you will see, but when it’s bespoke, the leather presents itself, and you are not afraid to try something crazy, this is what happens. I hope that you all enjoy the pictures.

My First Pair:


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My Second Pair:



My Third Pair:



My Fourth Pair:


My Fifth Pair:


My Sixth Pair:



My Seventh Pair:


21 thoughts on “Bespoke Shoes I Have Made”

    1. i am sorry my friend, but it is not actually available….I don’t make shoes anymore, just design them for my RTW line…

  1. ..and who’s feet exactly are supposed to fit comfortably into those ridiculous elongated lasts?

    They bear no relation to the shape of the human foot and are hallux abducto valgus deformity waiting to happen.

  2. I love your shoes, it must be incredible to look back at these and think “I made these!!” I recently decided that I would like to get in to the shoe business, How did you decide to get on your path? It would be awsome to chat with you one day. All the best Jaidan.

    1. thanks Jaidan….believe it or not, I kind of forget about them these days and they just sit in my closet as I never want to ruin them….I decided to get on my path simply because I loved shoes and always wanted to work for myself as well as see men across the world wearing better shoes and for me to be apart of that. So as I was graduating uni, I just decided that i was going to start my own shoe line, and this was part of the process. I wish you the best with your own endeavors to get into the industry. -Justin

  3. shoes look nice but really not a great fan of the pointed toe italian lasts…………got to go with a cap toe english style

  4. I love your blog so much. I just made one for my mum as a birthday gift. Its my first pair. I’ld put it up on instagram as (sherrimckens)and tag you would love your feedback. Thanks!

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