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Bespoke Maftei for Jesper of


It would appear that Jesper of has been a busy boy getting his bespoke on and when the shoes are as nice is this, I can’t blame him! While I can’t say that I am crazy about the amount of toe spring for a bespoke shoe, I must say that the rest of it is simply exquisite, particularly the coloring. From my brief time at Maftei, in Vienna, it would appear that their shoes are becoming more and more refined (at least from what I see of recent pictures). Everything looks very neat on this shoe which is not always the case (don’t take offense because it’s true) of the Austo-Hungarian makers. But if the prices are still around 1100 for bespoke shoes, then this takes the cake! Now, Jesper, for the 3rd pair (which I am sure is coming ;-), let’s see another color!! How about a blue? HA! See you in Gothenburg soon my friend and well done for these!

Bespoke Maftei for Jesper of Bespoke Maftei for Jesper of Bespoke Maftei for Jesper of Bespoke Maftei for Jesper of

3 thoughts on “Bespoke Maftei for Jesper of”

  1. Jesper Ingevaldsson

    Haha come on, these are burgundy/chestnut with lizard facings, it’s as bold as I’ll ever be 🙂 Thanks for the feature, see you in June!

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