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It’s always interesting to see classic companies starting to do bold things, and Barker is no exception. This model here was definitely something that the average British company would never dream of doing and I remember vividly the disbelief that I had when I first saw them. I was absolutely astonished to see something so bold being produced by a traditional British shoe company, but also felt proud, as for me it was a sign of progression. And while I prefer one of the original models made, in dark brown suede with red brogueing/stitching, I still think that these models are quite cool too. I had always myself wanted to design something as such, with contrast brogueing, but it looks like Barker beat me to it and now I will have to think of a way to differentiate myself! Oh well….anyway, keeping short today so see you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Barker Goes Bold!”

  1. These are really a bit silly. Is this the “Grant” in new colourways? I do think Barker makes good shoes for the price, though. I bought some for my business partner a few months ago and they were great…if he’d been half a size bigger I’d have kept them and quietly forgotten his birthday…

    One thing that strikes me these days about the less celebrated and “benchgrade” shoes from some makers, is the differences in leather. A pair I had from Alfred Sargent were pretty ordinary in that department, as are my elderly Loakes. But those Barkers, and various I’ve had from Cheaney, seemed to have surprisingly high quality standards in that department for a shoe at around the 200 mark.

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