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Barker Spectators

During my tour all of the stalls at Pitti Uomo was a quick pit stop at Barker to see what they were going to be getting up to for the upcoming seasons. It was a nice colorful surprise to see what they had one show, which was an array of shoes that not even I could have thought of. Not only were there loads of bi-colored shoes, but even more so, a good amount of tri-colored shoes. Interesting to see on offer for a British brand, but ever so appreciative in my eyes, as for me it shows progress. While the British shoe industry in historical terms has been thought of as quite conservative, offerings such as this just goes to show that in the modern day, they are branching out to be a bit more open with the times. And I think that it is great. There is no reason that a company cannot be classic and fun at the same time. So long as the boundaries of gaudy are reached, then no harm, no foul! And I love the brown/black spectator!! Well done Barker!

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3 thoughts on “Barker at Pitti Uomo 86: S/S2015 = COLORS!”

  1. The model in the top photo (or one extremely similar) has been available in at least 3 colours (brown / blue, brown / beige, and brown / snuff), for quite some time – I know, because I’ve been meaning to pick a pair up for ages! Also, the blue shoe in the photo 3 from the bottom looks like a very slightly modified version of a model in blue calf that I’ve had for a couple of years, which was discontinued. (The old version had white stitching and laces.) So they’ve been doing this sort of thing for a while, but they’ve obviously decided to take it further, which means they must be selling… They also do quite a number of different burgundies that I’m sure you’d like, although they mostly seem to be G widths for some reason.

    1. yea I know that of all of the English companies, I think that Barker has been going the most color crazy for the longest amount of time. But they seem to be getting even more and more colorific!

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