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Chelsea Boots

Whether we snobs like it or not, the world is moving daily into a more casual vibe in terms of men’s style and while I will always prefer my leather-soled dress shoes, I cannot help but appreciate these interesting hybrids that some brands, like Aurelien, have been creating. One of their latest models is their new Voyager chelsea boots and these are quite intriguing to say the least. The reality is that we getting lazier by the day. Technology has made sure of that. And the chelsea boot is the laziest model of all. And don’t me wrong, I love chelsea boots. But the epitome of it, is something you just slip on. Something that takes little to almost no effort.

Mark my words, we will start to see more chelsea boots created by brands that might have gone in other directions previously. Aurelien is a good example of that. They started with loafers and have moved their way into boots and are doing a good job at creating these intriguing designs. On top of the design, they have this really cool sole that instead of showing that white plimsole, have found a way to wrap that sole with the same material used in the upper, thus creating a more uniform and dressy look. And I think that is what really elevates the design. These same models with a white plimsole would not be as elegant or intriguing, in my humble opinion.

Their latest model, the Voyager, blends a chelsea boot with a floating apron giving you that chelsea-feel but with a more casual front that emulates an actual shoe. I can see this doing very well for them. And while I will always prefer the welted version to this for my Monday thru Friday attire, I can’t say that I would be mad to wear stuff like this on my more relaxed weekends of running errands!

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Chelsea Boots Chelsea Boots Chelsea Boots Chelsea Boots Chelsea Boots

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