Aubercy Ghillies in Red & Green!


Aubercy Ghillies in Red & Green!
The Ghillie Brogue

The traditional Ghillie brogue is not for everyone. But it is quite striking for sure and very dandy for those that look to be a bit more on the bold side.

This version here by the Parisian shoemaker, Aubercy, is an elegant twist to the classic Scottish shoe model. Keeping relatively true to the original, updated design, Aubercy put a more French style last shape to it, elongating the toe and a filling medallion to create something uniquely theirs. I won’t lie when done by British shoemakers with an overly round toe and a thick sole (good for the weather in the UK), I don’t so much care for it. But this sleek Parisian version has my eyes intrigued as the silhouette is far more appealing to my personal style. Some of you will agree, some of you won’t. For those that do, make sure you visit their shop in Paris the next time visit!

They have always been and will always be, one of my favorite shoemakers!

Aubercy Ghillies in Red & Green!


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