There is a new shop in London doing some great things and I think that they will soon be the next great menswear shop based on the moves they are making and the products they are holding. And that shop is Arterton London. I recently did an unboxing video of some of the shoe care products that they stock. An impressive collection of quality products to say the least. They also specialize in other garment-care accessories, but what I really wanted to focus on today, is their growing shoe selection.



They started off just carrying Chinese shoe brand, Yearn shoemaker, which specializes in handwelted footwear at an incredible bang for your buck. And this was Yearn shoemaker’s only stockist outside of China (that I am familiar with). They have a pretty good selection of their shoes and if you have yet to check them out, I would certainly invite you to do so, especially if you are London-based and work in or around the West End. And for those of you that don’t, well the beauty of Arteton London stocking them is that you can now easily buy them online at only a few clicks away.

Please note, as I was already confused myself when looking at the size selector, it would appear that it only goes to UK9, but you have to slide the bar to see sizes up to a UK12

You can see my videos about Yearn shoemaker here, detailing the brand and its quality.

Arterton Arterton Arterton

More recently they have started carrying Indian shoemaker, Bridlen Shoes, as their latest addition to the shop. Bridlen, for those that do not know, is an up-and-coming goodyear welted maker out of India, also making some very good bang-for-your-buck footwear and giving the customers another option to what one might consider an entry point into the goodyear welted industry. The models they have a quite classic, but I am particularly fond of the plain-toe adelaide. I imagine, that this won’t last long in stock!



What I find particularly good about this selection of shoes is that they carry a wide range of sizes, from UK7 (US8) to UK12 (US13). That is a large selection and not often heard of for a 3rd party stockist, even more impressive as Arterton is more of a haberdashery than a shoe shop. And while that takes great risk in stock purchasing, I guarantee that they will make more sales than lose as there is nothing worse than not closing that deal for lack of stock! I know too well.

You can see my videos about Bridlen shoes here, detailing the brand and its quality.

If you have yet to do so already, I highly suggest you visit their website:

And if you are in London, well all you have to do is take a stroll down my own stomping ground of Savile Row and find them at #20


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