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I just touched down in Madrid, heading to the factory that does the handstitching on our apron vamps and to see about creating some prototype driving shoes. Always loved driving shoes but hated the ridiculous prices that came attached to the big Italian brands. Lets see if I can create something good but also economic in pricing.

After that I will be heading down to the South Central of Spain to go to my normal factory. I am praying that my narrow and wide lasts will be finally right and that soon I can officially launch the MTO program. Keep your figures crossed. And if I am really lucky, then I will also be able to finalize my button boots. But I am not holding my breath on that one!! Will try to do as much social media as I can but as always will be very busy!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

1 thought on “Another Trip to España!”

  1. Welcome back, Justin! Great “ñ”, by the way!

    A kind of “trunk show” here in Madrid would be great… Just saying…

    Good luck!

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