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Another Trip to Aubercy
Old Bespoke Sample

During my last trip to Paris, I managed to sneak by the shop one of my favorite shoemakers in the whole world: Aubercy. It’a always nice to see my good friend Xavier (the CEO), his family and any new shoe models that they were working on. However, my main intentions were to actually inquire more about their bespoke shoe program, which I had heard had taken a turn since the last time that I was there (See post one and two) a year or so back. Not too long ago they had a flourishing bespoke program but then one day the bespoke maker and Aubercy decided to part ways and for a while there they were left without the ability to make bespoke shoes for their clients. Only recently have they found someone (of whom I am not sure if I can yet name but who has a good history in bespoke shoemaking) to replace their old last/pattern maker and are now able to commence the program of making beautiful bespoke shoes, such as the one shown at top.

Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy

However while this gentleman is now there full time, the program has yet to be put into full effect. This means that as of yet they are not so much taking orders as they are currently in the process of preparing the new program i.e. building new lasts, new patterns and thus new models to put on display to then give inspiration to future bespoke clientele. Xavier told me that they plan to be ready to take on new orders for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2014. That being, get prepared as I am sure that there will be some lovely models to drool over! Even this simple balmoral is easily one of the nicest that I have ever seen, particularly the last shape. (I have seen one of the new la,sts, of which they wanted to keep a secret for now, that was absolutely stunning!!)

Start saving up!!

On another note, I will be travelling from tomorrow morning until Sunday. I plan to make an announcement on Friday (if I can muster it) but will not be readily available via email. Today is the last day to get your entries in for the photo contest and from Monday there will be the top 10 (of which I might make 12 since there have been so many good ones – hard decisions ahead!!). Stay Tuned!!!



Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy Another Trip to Aubercy

2 thoughts on “Another Trip to Aubercy”

  1. blonderealist

    Very elegant designs. I’m American (and live in Florida) and for many years I thought that Alden, Allen Edmonds, and Johnston Murphy (from the old days) were about the best ready made shoes available. I just recently started learning about the better English brands and will admit that it’s kind of funny how little I really know about truly fine men’s shoes. The Shoe Snob blog is great fun. Now I just need to decide what brand to step up to next (no pun intended).

    1. thanks for sharing. I am glad that you have been enjoying and learning from the blog. I used to be in the same boat before i moved to Europe…funny how the US can do that to you….

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