Americana style is spreading to France with Septieme Largeur’s interpretation of the longwing gunboat brogue. I have always had mixed feelings about this model. I feel like I could like it if done on a slimmer type last but you often see it on these heavy, robust like lasts. It’s hard to tell if this last is more slim or robust but from what I know of SL, it is probably closer to the slim side unless it is a new last that I am unaware of. For those like me, who always appreciated the model but never the last shapes, jumping on this could be your clear route to a new look in your wardrobe. Just be careful to show that much red sock 😉

Fresh out of their new collection, I am sure that this is one of many new things to come from SL’s Autumn/Winter stock. In fact, I have seen a boot that is super cool and I am just waiting until they get the stock to show all of you too!! Good things to come from them this Autumn season. Stay tuned!

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