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I really love an all suede lace boot. Especially in snuff, polo or tobacco suede. Yet it is something you do not often see and more often than not is something you have to order solely via Made to Order. It is quite rare that a shoemaker offers one as Ready to Wear. Not unheard of, but rare. And I never understood that as an all suede boot, for me, is so versatile, at least in a more casual basis, think: going to dinner, weekend wear, outings that do not require a suit etc.

I was blown away when I saw this one by Carmina Shoemaker, as styled by Welt and Barrel of IG. This is easily one of the more handsom suede boots I have ever seen. You might wonder why? I am sure that most shoe people would easily follow the cult of the Galways in all suede as their faborite but for me what makes the all suede lace boot extra appealing is when you make it on a “dress style.” This being an austerity brogue style, something more commonly found in a sleek oxford, gives ot that sleek look mixed with its casual suede style. Blend the two together and you get something unique. Making a derby boot in all suede is too easy. A causal style in a casual material. This is a casual material on a dress boot style.

So why do we not see them more? Especially now that the world has gone into a stage of nearly being able to wear what you want to work and all but abolished the idea of formality. If we can wear jeans to the workplace why do we not see more all suede lace boots? Thats a good question, at least for me it is. Lets see what the next year holds for this. If more and more people order them via MTO, shoemakers will recognize their demand. And if they recognize their demand hopefully that will mean that the core RTW collections might see an update in suede offerings. Only time will tell I guess. In the meanwhile, this will go on MTO and ordering now that will ensure that it arrives just in time for Autumn 😉

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