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Dandy Shoe Care Patina Ed Et Al 4


Handing in your existing shoes and getting back something completely different is a good feeling. A feeling that I am sure that Mr. Alexander Nurulaeff, of Dandy Shoe Care, provides to many many people throughout the year. Recently I found myself not wearing a pair of my Ed Et Al ‘Amoy Quay’ loafers, a pair that I absolutely love, but originally done in a color that is not so suitable for London weather, nor my wardrobe. Therefore, I contacted Mr. Nurulaeff in the hopes to have him alter my pair into something magnificent that I could sink my teeth into! While I had no doubt in my mind that he could do just that, I was just so eager to see the final product as I had always admired his work in photo but never had the pleasure of seeing it in person. Let me tell you that was I thoroughly impressed!!

Dandy Shoe Care Patina Ed Et Al 3 dandy shoe care Dandy Shoe Care Patina Ed Et Al 1

He told me that in order to create this specific patina he used a combination of 10 colors to create the depth of the shade of burgundy presented. Sounds complicated doesn’t it!! But what a result in the end. So worth it for sure and in person they are even that much more amazing! And he was even kind enough to have wanted to dedicate the patina to the arrival of my new son, Nereo. A lovely gesture without a doubt. Now I am really excited to commence the collaboration that we are going to have through him and my shoe line J.FitzPatrick, whereby I will be offering white shoes for all of you to put a patina on. Will be doing a test run of this in the coming months (will document it for you to see) and hope to start offering it as another “blog exclusive” sometime in the Spring of 2014.

I am sure that this will stimulate many of you to want to give it a go, so allow me to say that prices start at £85 and go up depending on how complicated you want the patina (and of course, you would be responsible for shipping to and from his workshop). For all other inquiries, please contact Alexander at†

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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19 thoughts on “Alexander The Great!! Patina Extraordinaire!”

    1. Unfortunately not my friend. This will be another blog exclusive type of thing and it will only be for one model….the Tony II that I am coming out with on my new soft chisel last

  1. I too, recently had a pair re-patinated from Alexander and was happy with the results of this fine artisan. If only there was a way of shipping items less expensivly but equally safe to and from Italy : (

  2. They look amazing. I’m a bit biased though, since I don’t really like light tan shoes. Do they need to be polished in a specific way in order to keep the patina?

    1. no not really, I am going to use my burgundy polish to upkeep them…dye is permanent so there is no fear of loosing pigment other than naturally as other shoes do too

  3. Alexander Nurulaeff

    Dear Justin, thank you very much for your nice words. I’m very glad to know that my art is followed and appreciated by leading shoe experts as you are. I invite all your many readers to discover at least once in a lifetime how shoes can become after Luxury Dandy Shoe Care Treatments. Every man is different, that’s why I try to do everything possible to create shoes that are not only beautiful but unique, as their owners.
    Best regards.
    Alexander Nurulaeff

  4. Absolutely stunning! I could not imagine a pair of shoes more beautifully finished. I wish that I lived in – or at least could spend more time in London.

  5. avinash debipersad

    omg sooo in love with the shoe. where can i buy it? please please some one let me know….. because i live in the Netherlands.

    1. sorry my friend, but this is not readily available…you would have to buy the Amoy Quay model from Ed Et Al and then send it to Alexander to polish it for you.

    1. Excellent – I’ll look forward to it. I actually just had a newly purchased pair of Edward Green shoes shipped directly to Mr. Nurulaeff for his special touch. And I told him that it was your blog which brought his work to my attention.

  6. you can always send them to him my friend..will cost a bit more but it can be like getting a new pair of shoes!!

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