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A Fine Pair of Shoes' New Range

Shoe and accessory retailer, A Fine Pair of Shoes, has entered into the shoe designing world, having recently made a few exclusive shoe designs under their own moniker. Being a heavy retailer of Alfred Sargent footwear, one can only imagine that the shoes are made by AS. A tidy collection of 4 models, I particularly like the fact that two of the four are blue and none of them, as one can see, are black (edit: was just informed that the chelsea boots are actually black an not blue…how silly do I feel?? Oh well, still cool with the contrast soles…but definitely look blue in the pics!!!). It’s not often that an English company designs/makes shoes and the majority are not black. So well played on them!

Being what looks like handcrafted construction, the shoes are come out at 390, which I would say looks like a good price. And the fact that they are a bit less than traditional in style makes me feel excited to see what they will come up next with. Who knows…maybe a few more exciting colors? After all, there is no shortage of black and brown shoes on their website!

A Fine Pair of Shoes' New Range
A Fine Pair of Shoes' New Range
A Fine Pair of Shoes' New Range


7 thoughts on “A Fine Pair of Shoes’ New Range”

    1. gosh, I just realized that both of the shoes that I thought were blue were actually black….those pictures are quite deceiving or I am going color blind!!! But don’t worry, glad that you pointed it out

      1. Just asked two other people what color they thought they were and they said blue too…haha, guess it’s the picture!

      2. Spencer is “midnight blue”! That chelsea is an unique execution with the solefinish and elastic in light brown (so I would have prefered it in blue!)

  1. I sure seems to me that the shoe industry is going through a major growth similarly that the clothing industry went through in the late 80s, and 90s. As a shoe buff I kind of liken it. The US is accepting the move a bit slower, but isn’t the US is always a bit slow to accept new fashion changes!

    1. yes, I too like what has been evolving in the shoe industry…hopefully it continues until brown is acceptable for business professionals to wear to their job

  2. Julian @ A Fine Pair Of Shoes

    You are right, Hugo is in the best black calf and Spencer is in supple Midnight Blue – glad you like them, they took quite a bit of doing.

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