Oro Los Angeles - Boots Done Differently

There is a new (relatively) boot company based in LA making some interesting pieces of footwear and their name is Oro. For those that do not know, that means ‘gold’ in Spanish. They have been on my radar for a while now but seeing this jodhpur put my interest into something greater than just curiosity.

Here are the specs:

1. Price ranges from $325 to about $450 with a few boots in exotic leather or with gold trimmings in the $700-$900 range

2. They are Blake-Stitched out of Spain

I won’t lie and say that their boots are my exact cup of tea but as always I apprecoate brands that are doing things differently so thought I would give them a feature as I believe they deserve it.

Oro Los Angeles - Boots Done Differently

The Jodhpur, on the other hand, is actually something I would wear. Its strap design is unique, elegant and a lot better designed than many other boots I see in the market. I love that both sides of it start at the heel and make their way across the front. Unique strap designs always intrigue me and this is among one of the best I have seen.

Their styling is very modern day rock n’ roll with that LA vibe look but I think that for some of the models they can also be worm elegantly, more my style that is. They are blending classic with an urban appeal which is soemthing I do appreciate.

I like to see brands like this pop up as it shows that there is a market for many types of shoes/boots, not just the same same crappy companies knocking off everyone else’s designs.

I look forward to seeing their new designs when those come!


Oro Los Angeles - Boots Done Differently

Oro Los Angeles - Boots Done DifferentlyOro Los Angeles - Boots Done DifferentlyOro Los Angeles - Boots Done DifferentlyOro Los Angeles - Boots Done DifferentlyOro Los Angeles - Boots Done Differently


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