A Bit of Purple Action - Clarence Clifford....

For awhile there had been some rustling noises about the old Edward Green factory being occupied by a new and upcoming brand. That brand (at first) consisted of Cliff Roberts and a gentleman by the name of Clarence Thompson and it’s name was Clarence Clifford. Since that time it would have appeared that some of the parties involved decided that the venture was not for them and thus went their own way. But the brand was apparently still living on, producing samples and interesting pieces of footwear that would ideally set the backdrop for their upcoming line. As I had met Mr. Thompson and was eager to see the realization of his ideas in the footwear industry, I eagerly awaited the launch. However, a year has nearly passed and I can’t say that I have seen any progress, which is a shame really as I have been anticipating a new player on the scene, making hand-lasted, sharp bevelled waist and fiddleback soled shoes…..Nevertheless, during the time of hyping the brand, there were a few interesting (and very striking pieces) that I did come across, all involving the royal color of purple. Hopefully this pause in production is only a short pitfall and that we as the public can expect some greats things to come from this new upcoming brand….

A Bit of Purple Action - Clarence Clifford....


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3 thoughts on “A Bit of Purple Action – Clarence Clifford….”

  1. I actually bought the purple loafers sight unseen other than internet photos. They are nice even though I was expecting more than nice for a pair of 800 shoes! However, their customer care is horrendous, never answering mails, I recieved the shoes in a wooden box so badly wrapped that it arrived in pieces. I was also supposed to have shoe trees with the pair but am still waiting (since August) after God knows how many unanswered mails! So yes their shoes are nice, they have a twist but damn what a crappy experience. I”m sticking to Bestetti and Meccariello who treat their clients with more care and less hype

  2. Sad story. There’s clearly a lot of passion, talent and masterly skill going on with this venture. But it seems to me what’s missing is a business. Something as simple as a freebie website, a few pics of a small collection, and some prices, would make all the difference. As it is, it feels like a complete leap into the unknown, which is exactly what the comment above indicates. That’s not the only comment I’ve heard either.

    I sympathise as a small businessman myself. Sometimes you can have the grand vision, but if you don’t have the resources behind you, it’s easy to run out of money before you get momentum, and spend your time chasing pennies for food and rent instead of delivering the big project.

    Anyway, I wish them luck. The shoes certainly look like something I’d want.

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