Words Can't Describe....

I have always been envious of this boot by Septieme Largeur. First because they are simply and utterly amazing and secondly because I did not think of them myself!! Nevertheless, I always admire seeing what kind of color combinations that they come up with, and it’s even better when it’s done in a patina form as the options are then not only a bit more wild but also unique and thus intriguing. Seeing as how blue is my favorite color, one can imagine how drawn I was when I saw this model, as its depth and color variation verge on the realm of beyond belief. All I can say is that the owner of this boot and myself must think alike and I praise his boldness in these choices. Hopefully one day I will cross him on the street, possibly the next time that I am in Paris (assuming that this is where he is based…..)… And just to give you something else to look at for the weekend, I have also included this lovely adelaide that they also recently provided a patina to….

I hope that everyone has a nice weekend


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Words Can't Describe....


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8 thoughts on “Words Can’t Describe….”

  1. They are a little flamboyant for my liking but I love some of their other boots. What’s the quality like of them? (I am relatively new to nice shoes)

  2. I quite like some of the ‘patina-jobs’ offered by septieme largeur. What has stopped me from ordering one of their shoes+patina combinations is uncertainty regarding how well would the patina hold on with wear, and whether it is possible to fix the inevitable scratches etc, with normal shoe creams or will they damage the patina. Can you advise on this?

    1. My blue patina has held very well. A patina is done with dye, so it should be just as good as anything else really, just as if it was done at the tannery…. As per polishing over them, well it will take a bit of knowledge in matching creams etc for color but it’s really not something that should make one not get a pair for fearing of ruining it….

  3. The blue ones are fantastic. I have dark blue shoes and would like to create the patina seen on the picture. Do you know how to do this?

  4. I do like those blue boots. But i’m an old-fashioned sort of chap. I think they would look even better as button-boots. More “gentleman”, less “cowboy”. But where can one purchase a button-hook these days?

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