What I Am Wearing

What I Am Wearing

The thing about me, is that I love blue, as you might know from previous posts, or as you might be able to tell by looking at this outfit. I mean, with the exception of the shoes, there is some form of blue in every other piece of my outfit. Some might find this excessive, but as I love it, it doesn’t matter. Now what I am getting at, is that I think that a dark brown suede loafer, is just about one of the nicest pairings that you can conjure up with blue attire (just outside of burgundy shoes!). And while I don’t wear these loafers as often as I should (maybe due to not wanting to ruin them), I do find myself always drawn to suede loafers when looking into shoe stores. We actually have a pair at G&H, in the Cleverley butterly loafer design, that I absolutely love, but thankfully (as I don’t need more shoes or to spend any money) they don’t stock my size. Nevertheless, if you are like me and love the color blue in your wardrobe, then a dark brown suede loafer is something that you should also look to own, because it will take you a long way.

Shoes: Ferragamo Tremezza line
Jacket: Burberry
Scarf: Vintage
Waistcoat: Vintage
Shirt: Some Neapolitan brand
Tie: Robert Talbott Best of Class line

What I Am Wearing

What I Am Wearing

What I Am Wearing

6 thoughts on “What I Am Wearing”

  1. Yeah, I just meant the sleeves as you point out yourself. Nice jacket though, don’t see many ‘square’ patterned quilted ones these days. It’s all ‘diamond’.

    I too have a ”thing” for the blue colour albeit more navy. Ever thought about wearing red socks or some other bold colour instead of purple? I find it makes an all blue outfit much more noticeable and enjoyable.


  2. AFJ – Yea, I don’t have short arms or anything, but for some reason, sleeves are always a bit long for me…but with this coat I did not mind the look of just ‘cuffing’ them. Not that I am trying to show off the Burberry print, but it just doesn’t look that bad to me….

    I often wear red socks to give a little pop in my outfit, but I just didn’t this time around..


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