Wearing Athletic Shoes With Suits – NOT OKAY!!

Wearing Athletic Shoes With Suits - NOT OKAY!!
This post is dedicated to my friend Joe Loeffler who absolutely hates it when he sees people committing this cardinal sin!!

Seriously, what is wrong with people. Have we lost all of our decency??? Why do so many people in this country who commute to work via public transportation wear their fucking running shoes until they get to their office? Are your dress shoes so uncomfortable that you just can’t stand to wear them while you walk to your bus stop?? Are you wearing Bostonians or what? Go get some decent shoes that feel good because you look like a silly idiot with your clunky-ass Asics paired with your Hart Schaffner Marx suit!!! How many of you actually spend more than 2 hours of your day on your feet? Do you all have sensitive feet? Most of you sit at some desk and probably don’t even need to lace your dress shoes for the majority of the day. Give me a break!!

Okay, maybe you live in some wet place and don’t want to get your dress shoes ruined. Well, I am from Seattle, the wettest and most unpredictable place in this entire country. You can wake up with clear blue skies, 70 degree weather and then finish your day with hail the size of marbles pouring on your head while wind is blowing 40 mph, yet you would not catch me dead wearing my running or basketball shoes with my suits. Why? Because it looks fucking retarded and there are so many other ways to be comfortable while at the same time not look like I was raised under a rock without common sense. You could at least buy some galoshes and if you don’t know what those are then read this.

If galoshes don’t float your boat then at least wear some comfortable leather loafer with a rubber sole that at least could pass as a suitable shoe. I am not going to lie, I run around on my feet in my leather soled dress shoes for 8 hours a day, everyday and sometimes I need to change my shoes to take the bus home and I will tell you that I wear a pair of black suede Ecco loafers. Now they are not stylish by any means but they are not butt-ass ugly either and look 10 million times better than a running shoe and suit combo. They are the shoes I usually use to get gas, to go to the grocery store, you know, all of the stuff where I just need to slip something on and not care what it is. But they are comfortable and honestly look better with a suit then most of the shoes that Seattlites wear anyway with their suits and I don’t give a shit if they get rained on, dirty or trashed.

Honestly, I am not some monster telling you to suffer through pain to look good but I am telling all of you who do this to find another way to be comfortable while at the same time maintaining a level of decency that could pass as respectable. A driving loafer is the perfect example of what would be comfortable but yet could pass as a decent commute-to-your-house-shoe!!! Go find a cheap pair and leave your running shoes for actual running!!

Wearing Athletic Shoes With Suits - NOT OKAY!!

5 thoughts on “Wearing Athletic Shoes With Suits – NOT OKAY!!”

  1. Laugh Out Loud at that pic of Jude Law. Perfect example of how an extraordinarily good-looking person may be made repulsive through inappropriate footwear/poise. Is he wearing MBTs? 🙁

  2. Emanuel Stamathis

    There will always be fashion trends that when gone will be looked upon in hindsight embarrassingly and sneakers with suits will be another one! The “I’m a professional but cool like the Sunday TV sports personalities will be a thing of the pass.

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