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While I have written about this subject a bunch of times on the blog I finally was able to show you in a video just how good a suede can handle rain when the suede is of high quality.

The suede in question is CF Stead suede which does scotch guard the suede at the tannery. but I imagine many other reputable suede companies do too. Even my lighter-weight Italian suedes handle the rain. Not as good as the Stead but by no means ‘delicate’ as all of the so-called internet shoe aficionados on Reddit and the like, would have you believe.

Real shoe wearers know the reality of this claim. And the naysayers’ argument for why everyone thinks the contrary is that most of the people in the world buy cheap shoes with cheap materials. Start buying good quality suede and notice the difference. You will see how it dries just fine. It does not get ruined.

If your suede does get ruined in rain, sorry to say but your suede is not of high quality and/or you stepped in a mud puddle. Good quality suede handles rain. Anyone saying anything different doesn’t really know good quality suede.

And the reason any salesman tells you otherwise is to sell you another product aka suede protector. So embrace your suede, do not be afraid to get caught in the rain with it. I actively search out wearing my dark brown suede in the rain. All it needs is a good steaming afterward.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Suede In The Rain”

  1. The amazing looking GMO Suede shoes I just bought from you, with Stead suede, easily handled several NW rain storms in the last month. Best looking GMO shoe I have even seen, with high-end suede that is both thick and flawless.

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