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It is not a coincidence that Instagram, YouTube and the rest of the web for that matter is riddled with people taking photos of their shiny shoes next to Saphir products. I can guarantee they are not all paid advertising. Sure a couple might be. But the majority are just normal shoe enthusiasts showing that a great product can give you the results you want with a little know-how and patience.

And you can see it presented here. Most of these pictures are by different people. All taking pride in their work and giving thanks to Saphir by showing that their product helped them achieve those results. There is a lot of good product out there, especially nowadays as shoe shining has become increasingly more popular in the recent years, thanks to blogs and photosharing apps like Instagram as people across the world are finally able to easily see the end results of a good polish and how easy it can be to do produce with a bit of elbow grease and practice.

I have always favored the French polish manufacturers. With the culture of shoe coloring aka patina, and shoe shining, the French have always taken special care in producing the best products to work on the top grades of leather. While many countries are now having their run at producing high-grade stuff, the French were the originators and for me, have yet to be surpassed.

Whether or not you choose to go French to buy your shoe care supplies the important thing to know is to simply not go cheap if you actually care about your shoes. Those polish you buy the grocery store are riddled with terrible ingredients that really dry out your leather. You can smell them as soon as you open the tin. It’s not to say that Saphir is 100% natural as it cannot be to make colors but the ingredients are more favorable for the leather’s overall well being. Of course, too much of anything can be harmful so make sure that when you do purchase your polishes that you get a jar of the renovateur to counterbalance the adverse effects.

Happy Shoe Polishing!

Pictures all from Instagram and original photographers can be found linked at my page @theshoesnob_official








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    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      I did yes. I sold the rights to a friend in the UK to continue selling them but I, personally, have stepped away from that business.

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