Here we take a closer look at Stefano Bemer’s Tradizione line, their highest grade form of ‘RTW’ shoemaking, just below their bespoke program.

Seeing these shoes it is no surprise that Stefano Bemer is among the most famous Italian shoemakers and for good reason.

Make sure to also check out the unboxing video for more thoughts on the shoes/brand as a whole.

See those here:

Learn more:

3 thoughts on “Up Close Details Series – Stefano Bemer ‘Tradizione’ Line”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have also watched your Gaziano Girling Optimum unboxing video. If I understood correctly, the Tradizione line has the same concept as the Optimum – both made to bespoke standard with RTW lasts. However, there is a difference of more than £2k between them – which I believe to be significant even after having factored in the pay that goes to employees.. Similarly, I recently commissioned a pair from Yohei Fukuda (which I believe makes shoes to a comparable standard as G&G) for a fully-handmade bespoke on RTW last – this cost around £2,200. Could you please kindly provide your expert view as to the reasons for such a significant price difference? Many thanks in advance.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      The difference in pay probably makes up half, I won’t go into detail about how each company pays people but you cannot think in terms of cost, but retail mark up. If the price to make it costs €300 difference, that is around €900 in retail value more. The other difference will simply be in branding and how a company perceives its products value. Berluti sneakers at $2000 are not even close to worth but people will pay it for a name and a lifestyle.

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