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Here we unbox a pair of the famous Decon Chelsea boots by Norman Vilalta.

Norman Vilalta, for me, is one of the most exciting makers in the industry. He is also a good friend and a brilliant shoe designer, I always look forward to seeing what Norman comes up with next. In this video, we highlight the Decon chelsea boot that took the industry by storm a few years back and is literally one of the most iconic models in the industry.

The Decon chelsea by Norman epitomizes the idea of what we can achieve as designers when we use our creativity to harness uniqueness without going overboard. Norman nailed it here and it comes as no surprise how sought-after this boot is.

If you have yet to get to know his brand, I highly suggest watching this video and then going to his site! The price quoted of €970 ish is a VAT-free price (for those outside the EU). 

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