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Here we take a look at a new brand in the industry, Mattina shoes, hailing out of China, near Shangai.

Originally a factory that made private-label footwear for many Japanese menswear brands, Mattina created an in-house line in 2019 and is now looking to grow its name through direct-to-consumer footwear.

Super solid Goodyear welted shoes priced around $300, it is hard to find a better value for money proposition.

I look forward to seeing them grow and what they can offer to continue the growth of their brand.

For more info on Mattina, please see their IG Page:

4 thoughts on “Unboxing Series – Mattina Shoes”

  1. I have to be missing something. I cannot find this shoe. I’ve looked at every shoe on the website and all of the Photos on the Martina Instagram page. I cannot find this shoe. Also, while less important, the only price point they list is $490. Could you possibly help me find the beautiful shoe you unboxed?

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Hey Peter, let me know if that guy on Facebook helps you, saving that I will write to the guys on Instagram and pass them your email to get in touch. Email me direct to keep me informed. I believe the $490 price must be for the handwelted MTO. They told me that these were $300 RTW. Email me at once you hear back from the guy on FB

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