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Yet another French shoemaker who makes beautiful shoes! I can’t really say much about Clairvoy except that they have a deep history in making shoes for famous artists in the world of French theatre, whether it was cabaret, music-hall or opera, and were even known to make shoes for the famous show, Moulin Rouge. But other than that, I feel like they are relatively unknown. I one day just happened to stumble upon them but have had a hard time finding anything written about them to get even the slightest information. Luckily, their website has an english language option.

What I can’t seem to get enough of in French shoemakers is the fact that their shoes are so vibrant. This is partly due to the fact that they are not afraid to use colored leathers but also because of the magnificent patina’s that they then apply to the shoe to make it that much more amazing. I only wished that they were more easily accessible. Either French shoemakers don’t care to sell their shoes outside of France or no store buyers will take the plunge to carry them, but of all of the French shoemakers/designers that I know, I have only seen them in one shop outside of France and that was Leffot in NYC. (Berluti is not regarded in this discussion — obviously they are everywhere) Hopefully this will change in the near future. Shoe buyers of the world are sleeping on French shoemakers which, in turn, is causing the public to miss out.

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  1. Anonymous – You are right. I just tend to forget about JLP because in my mind John Lobb is still British, even though there is a huge difference between John Lobb St. James and JLP.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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