Today’s Favorites – Bontoni Loafer MTO

Today's Favorites - Bontoni Loafer MTO

Whilst living in America, I had the ability to see Bontoni shoes anytime I wanted. I just had to exit my job, walk about 100 yards and boom, there I was in Mario’s looking at Bontoni’s latest and greatest. But now that I live in Europe, I NEVER get to see them anymore, as I believe that they only really export their RTW stuff to America (and maybe the Far East). I have heard that in Europe, they only deal in MTO/Bespoke and don’t have any RTW stockists. It’s a shame really, as they are among my absolute favorite Italian RTW companies and I think that they would do really well as a RTW company in Europe…… So how did I get this picture? Well, a blog reader who lives in the States but frequently travels to London, will usually pop into Gieves & Hawkes to have a quick chat & shine. This last time he came wearing these bad boys, and I couldn’t help but want to take a picture of them, especially after I gave them a little once-over. Everything about them is lovely, from the color to the contrasted tassel to the way in which they hand-stitched that apron seam on the vamp/toe. And as always, Bontoni never fails to impress!

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  1. Ugly-beautiful?

    I think these are a bit silly, to be frank, but I agree about Bontoni RTW availability. They do make some stunning shoes, and I love that hand-made feel about them.

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