Today’s Favorites – Blog Reader’s Shoes from Septieme Largeur

Today's Favorites - Blog Reader's Shoes from Septieme Largeur

One of the biggest reasons that I started this blog, was because I have a long term goal to see men wearing better shoes, in the sense that they actually appreciate what they are wearing on their feet. It does not have to be what I like, but it has to be evident that they actually care about what they are wearing. Too many men just don’t care and it shows, and to me it’s a great let down. Men back in the day, used to be worse than women in their attire and appearance. They took great pride in how they looked. And it was not feminine to do so, it was masculine. Caring about your appearance does not have to be about ego, but rather can be about appreciation and respect.

Part of that goal of seeing men caring more about their shoes, was for me to be a major influence into that. Starting this blog, was a way for me to give people knowledge, awareness and an appreciation for their footwear. So you understand when I tell you that it gives me great pleasure when any of you write me up and tell me about a pair of shoes that you either want to get or have already purchased, because of what you saw or read on my blog. And you can see here that one of my readers did so. He happened to go to Paris, visit Septieme Largeur, splurged a little and had two very beautiful shoes made up for him. Simply beautiful…..

Today's Favorites - Blog Reader's Shoes from Septieme Largeur

Today's Favorites - Blog Reader's Shoes from Septieme Largeur


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