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I normally don’t like that Red Wing boot look. That extra thick neutral stitching that smacks you in the face and is everywhere on the boot. You know what I mean? As a relatively skinny guy who dresses the part of a skinny guy with slim trousers and whatnot, that heavier look makes me look quite silly. So I could never really get down with it. But these dressier version Workman boots by Japanese shoe brand Joe Works, are actually quite good looking and think that underneath a pair of my tapered Uniqlo jeans could look the part of fusion dress workman! What say you? Do you like this look?

Best to find Joe Works on their IG account

or RTW models sold at The Sabot

1 thought on “The Workman Boot by Joe Works”

  1. Steve WIERHAKE

    It looks okay except for the heel and sole. I am not a fan of that type of higher heel. I think the boots would look better with a normal -and perhaps rubber – heel and sole.

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