The Two Toned Vamp by Foster & Son

The Two Toned Vamp by Foster & Son
An old bespoke archive shoe

I passed by Foster and Son this morning to say hello to my compadres there and to see what was shaking and I happened to stumble upon a few of their archived bespoke shoes that I had not previously seen before. They grabbed my attention as they reminded me that while many people may think that modern day is the the adventurous period in footwear, I must say that I am not sure if it actually is when thinking of the world of dress shoes. Time and time again when I see shoes from prior 1960’s, I see some of most crazy combinations and patterns that I have yet to see, especially when it comes to the two toned shoes. These two models yet again proved that while they may have been conservative in their attire, they were definitely not afraid to try new things in their shoes! And when this idea is executed well, it creates a beautiful harmony in the shoes, especially when done on a loafer! Now let’s see it done in RTW and not just bespoke.

The Two Toned Vamp by Foster & Son The Two Toned Vamp by Foster & Son The Two Toned Vamp by Foster & Son


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