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Today we commence our bi-annual sale on The Shoe Snob accessories offering. Every single-product is discounted at 15% off. Bundled deals though are not further discounted especially as some of them are already saving you more than 15% as is, such as our all of our shoe tree bundles.

Due to the success of our new Alderwood shoe trees (as shown in the picture below), it has been difficult to keep up with stock levels, especially on core sizes. Even now we are sold out of UK8 to receive a restock in early August. However, we still allow them for purchase (indicating the delay in brackets) and will ship all orders of that size as soon as they arrive. †We are good in all other sizes and our deal of 3 pairs for £90 really allows you to get them at a great price. And while not being lasted to any specific shape, their fit is as close to a lasted shoe tree fit that you will find, and all without having to pay the expensive upcharge of making a lasted tree.

With the heat wave that has hit Europe (among elsewhere in the world) our Egyptian Cotton socks are ideal for those that still have to dress up in suits but want to do so in the lightest way possible. Their strong, yet thin nature allow for a feeling of comfort that is not often achieved in your common heavier cotton. With 15 color options and two different bundled deals, there are endless options to add to and/or refresh your collection.

Now is also a great time to stock up on our shoe care products, which are considered to be among the best in the world by many that use them, in order to upkeep the article of clothing that makes your outfit be as best as it can be: shoes. Shoe care is often overlooked but if we all spent 5 minutes a day, you would be surprised at how well all of our shoes looked. Don’t sleep on it anymore and get yourself a shine kit to start off!

And remember that we also have an array of other great products that you just might find useful or at least fun, such as our 18 different colors of laces.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that all orders shipped to the UK have free postage and anything shipped to the US over £100 does not incur postage fees either.


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