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Whether we want it to be or not, we can’t deny that the holidays are around the corner and that means that people have to start buying gifts for their cherished ones. And whether you are someone who plans early and gets it sorted before December or one that waits until the last second, we have decided (for the first time) to be a part of the holiday cheer by creating a Christmas Shop on The Shoe Snob in order to offer pre-packaged gifts for the shoe enthusiasts out there.

We have four options of gifts, ranging from sock sets to polish packages of various sizes and offerings, all coming with complimentary packaging. They are all on a bundled pricing scheme, offering you a discount on purchasing the gift set as is, as opposed to doing so individually.

Holiday Gift Set Holiday Shoe Cream Polish Set Holiday Sock Gift Set Mini Starter Gift Set

If you have a friend or family member that is getting into shoes or shoe care, our The Shoe Snob gift sets are ideal for that introductory welcome to the world of proper shoe maintenance. They are even good for those that are seasoned shoe care vets as there is always a time when a restock is needed in one’s shoe care repertoire.

On another note, we have also created bundled pricing for our Travel Shoe Trees. creating the options of having 2 pairs for 30 or 5 pairs for 60, offering significant discounts in multiple pairs purchased (40 in the case of 5 pairs). For those that travel a lot, these are essential for packing multiple pairs of shoes, or even one. There is a huge difference in weight (and feeling) between a beechwood tree and a travel one. — Bundled shoe trees not gift packaged —

We hope that you enjoy our offering and thank you all, as always, for all of your support!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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