The Shoe Snob Beechwood Shoe Trees Now On Sale!

As some of you might have noticed from last Friday’s post, we at the The Shoe Snob sourced new shoe tress for our accessory range, ones that allowed us to make them have more of an identity that corresponded to our brand, with the red/black coloring. But as we are not interested in holding two stocks of wooden shoe trees, that means that we need to get rid of our old ones to open up more space in our small stockroom. Therefore we have put our beechwood shoe trees on sale at 20% off, originally being36 and now selling at 28.80 (ex VAT 24).


The Shoe Snob Beechwood Shoe Trees Now On Sale!

If you have been a fan of these shoe trees, now would be your chance to get more as when they are sold out, they will be gone for good.

Unfortunately we are already sold out of 45 but as our 46 shoe trees (in the beechwood version) run quite small, for those of you that are UK10-uk11 (US12-US13) you can use the 46 and they will fit just fine.

The Shoe Snob Beechwood Shoe Trees Now On Sale!

Also worth mentioning is our other newest product, the button hook made from stag horn. If you own a pair of button boots/shoes or any other article of clothing with difficult fastening due to buttons, this is your go-to product.

The Shoe Snob Beechwood Shoe Trees Now On Sale!



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