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The Shoe Snob

The Shoe Snob (as a company) just recently turned 4 years old on Sept. 19th. It’s amazing to think that I (and my business partner) have actually had a company for 4 years and how far it has come. I remember our first order. It was for 600 and was nothing but wax polish. We told our suppliers, don’t worry we will grow and become very good customers. And thanks to all of you who support our brand and use our products, we are now ordering about 10,000/year in polish alone. And that is still a small quantity. I will be happy when are ordering about 100k/year. But patience is a virtue so I am not kicking myself yet! 🙂


To celebrate our birthday and our thanks to all of you, we are having a sale discounting everything on the site by 15%. I know that it is not a large discount but our original idea was to keep our margins as low as possible to offer you great products at great prices so in reality we do not have much room to go lower.

I thank all of you that have already used our products and continue to support them. And to those of you that have not yet taken the plunge, don’t take my word for it on how good they are, just ask someone you know that has used them and see what they have to say (or read the product reviews).


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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