Pigskin Shoes

There is a new pigskin shoe in town and that is the new ‘pick pocket’ shoe by The Last Shoemaker. This is an obvious choice for anyone that plays the guitar and outside of that, simply a unique shoe for any shoe enthusiast that likes unique ideas. I can’t say I know exactly the backstory on why they created this model, but for anyone that knows me, you know that I love something that is unique and creative. And while I personally wouldn’t sport something with a guitar pick on it, I do think the concept is cool!

pigskin shoes

There are currently two models to the guitar pick shoe, a sleek wholecut as well as a more casual apron style derby. The wholecut is offered in burgundy and green but one must remember that The Last Shoemaker is more of an MTO brand whereby you can alter the color of a shoe before ordering through a simple selection process. The shoes take approximately 6 weeks. Being that blue is my favorite color, I look forward to seeing someone order it in the navy option and seeing how those come out.

pigskin shoes

They offer the pick pocket models in pigskin, which is not common in a sleek dress shoe style. Few shoemakers offer a pigskin in a dress shoe style as the rougher look of it is often best paired with some boots or more rugged models. It is crust pigskin which is how they allow multiple color choices and on the wholecut model it comes with a super fine and narrow fiddleback waist. The derby, being more casual, has the appropriate subtle beveled waist with a flat underbelly. I can see the wholecut model being the more popular one, especially with a sharp fiddleback waist like that as this is quite popular these days. Let’s hope that poeple get adventurous with the color choices so we can see how they look.

The best part is that these shoes are handmade and go for only $390! Hard to beat, but this is the advantage of shoes made out of Thailand.

Learn More: www.thelastshoemaker.com


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4 thoughts on “The Pigskin Pick Shoe”

  1. Like you I don’t think I’d personally wear one but they are fantastic. My wife might like a pair if they made lady’s as she is a guitarist. But great unique shoes.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you for sharing Michael. And I am pretty sure they will make ladies sizes so do check with them on that.

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