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It’s been a long time since we have done a Patina collaboration. But now we are back at it and are excited about this new offer as it is different from what we have done before. In the past, we have worked with our friend Alexander Nurulaeff of Dandy Shoe Care and while we will continue working with him in future projects, we have decided to try our other friend Chris Dillon of American Patina, who trained with not only Alexander himself but also Landry Lacour.

This time we offer something new by allowing 4 models to be given a patina to. And with those 4 shoes we also have 4 set patinas to make things simple. However, as this is a Pre-Order, we have decided to up the ante by also allowing width options for those of you with narrow and/or wide feet. Therefore, we are offering B/C, D and EE widths on all four models. (That being UK ‘D’, UK ‘E’, and UK ‘F’)
So when making your purchase, please find the model that you want, select the patina you want (which are shown in the 4 models, all having one of the 4 choices) and then your size/width (these are in US sizing, UK will be one different i.e. US10 would be UK9).
Now, being a Pre-Order offer we have to place the order for what is purchased at the end of the period of offering. As this is a patina project, we have to order everything in natural crust calf to then be patina’d by Chris once he receives the shoes. To make the shoes takes up to 4 months and Chris takes another 1-2 months to make the patina’s. Depending on the amount of patina’s we will most likely have batch shipments sent to us from Chris (say every 10 pairs complete) to make the process more fluid for shipment. Therefore your shoes can take anywhere from 5-7 months to receive (just to leave a little buffer). But nothing good ever comes easy or quickly. Patience makes it greater! And they will all be worth it in the end.

This is a US based company project only as Chris is based in the US and all shoes must go to him, but we will ship worldwide and all EU orders will first be shipped in bulk to London before re-distribution to each individual customer.
We hope that you enjoy this offer and of course for any questions, you might have please email ( I will say now that lasts nor soles can be changed, in case you are wondering)

The Patina Project Pre Order Sale will end May 13th, 2019


Justin FitzPatrick
Deep Sea Blue Patina
Oxblood Patina
Leaf Green Patina
Burnished Tan Patina

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