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Septieme Largeur

It is very interesting to watch the internet and see how trends take form. I remember when the double monk was all the rage and everyone who wore dress shoes for work wanted to get a pair of double monks. I don’t know where it began and how it took form but once it did, it was like an uncontrollable virus that spread through all of the cracks and crannies of the menswear industry. But now that has faded and the only people dying for double monks are those that are way behind or simply want one because they like them but not because it is the latest trend.

gatsby-cm-cognac-forme-198 (2)

So what is or has become the next big thing? Well as the title of the post tends to give away, from what I see as Sauron of the shoe industry, it looks to be the Apron Toe Derby. Now this did not just take form yesterday but has been going on for a while now. And I feel like I might almost be able to place this one as I have studied it a bit more than the double monk phenomenon. My guess is that Steven Taffel of Leffot and Leather Soul of Hawaii who both (used to, not sure if LS still sells EG) sell Alden and Edward Green, through their website and Instagram accounts, grew this iconic style by promoting classic models of these two brands. The Dover by Edward Green is probably the most notable of all apron toe derbies which used to be and is still heavily promoted by Leffot at least. Alden has both shoe version and boot version of apron toe derbies that are incredibly popular in the US and that sell incredibly well by both shops.

gatsby-cm-cognac-forme-198 (1)

From there, you get people buying these models from these shops and then going onto Style Forum to show off their new purchases to the rest of the iGents. Then on Style Forum, which many brands/shops are apart of through their Appreciation Threads (like myself) to which they market to the members of SF, they then see all of these purchases which coincidentally happen to be all of the same style: the Apron Toe Derby. Then you get shops like Skoaktiebolaget of Europe, who see this trend and as smart businessmen hop on board by buying it and ordering it through other brands as well and from there Europe gets ahold of the trend, all the while those in Asia who are on the internet heavily are seeing this from the screen and deciding to hop on board through buying international products off a few clicks of on the keyboard. Then you have a worldwide trend going on and more and more brands hoping on board with a model they might have never thought about doing 5 years ago.

And BOOM, the apron toe derby is now like a virus spreading through the industry. And why not? It’s a nice looking shoe. It’s classic. It’s simple. And it goes with most attire. So here we are in the middle of this trend. But the question is, how long will it last? And what will be the next trend???? Let’s wait and see!

My two favorites shown. And they are my favorites due to the lack of actual heel caps (G&G one is faux cap, just stitching), the Hove by Gaziano & Girling(below) and the Gatsby by Septieme Largeur(above). And very below is our answer to this model, the Lynwood by J.FitzPatrick Footwear, set to be released for S/S2017

Gaziano & Girling, picture courtesy of Leffot
Gaziano & Girling, picture courtesy of Leffot


The Lynwood by J.FitzPatrick Footwear, dropping for S/S2017

10 thoughts on “The New iGent Shoe – Apron Toe Derby”

  1. the septieme largeur pair is gorgeous, so clean. hard to tell from the pictures — do they have a split toe?

  2. I must say I was not a big fan of the apron toe until fairly recently. I find exposure to it made it look less like a novelty, and I started to appreciate it for what it is. Still would rather acquire a whole cut Oxford or loafer first.

  3. Really like the look of yours! Anxious to see more pics of them in the future, big chance I´ll need to pick them up =)

  4. Heheh – don’t forget the kudu stampede as one of those “things” that seemed to just take on a life of its own as a trend.

    Personally, I regret kudu-bingeing; I’ve never owned a double-monk; and apron-front derbies are “meh.” That’s 3 strikes for me being “on-trend.” Oh well.

  5. I’ve owned/worn the Alden ‘original’ for many years … its a classic but a bit clunky … the SL is lovely … the split-toe G&G doesn’t seem to fit the mold … and your new model seems to beautifully blend French and UK styles … look forward to seeing that as/when launched.

  6. Before very recently, I must admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of the apron toe. I consider access to something that has less the feeling of a novelty and I have come to enjoy something. Still would rather acquire a whole cut Oxford or loafer first.

  7. Before as of late, I should concede that I was definitely not an immense fanatic of the cover toe. I consider admittance to something that has less the sensation of curiosity and I have come to appreciate something. Still would prefer to secure an entire cut Oxford or loafer first.

  8. An apron toe wasn’t my favorite in the past. When something no longer feels like a novelty and I’ve grown to enjoy it, I regard it as access. However, I would prefer to acquire full-cut Oxfords or loafers first.

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