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This year marked my 11th year doing the blog and this post will mark the 2,282nd post that I have written. Imagine that?! Sometimes I cannot believe it. 11 years is a long time and more than 2000 posts is a whole lot of words typed out. But here I am, still going strong and doing my best to keep up with the times, incorporating video as well as different styles of posts. My ultimate goal is to make the blog like a real online periodical but where you can access all of the archives easily and for free (naturally). It is a lofty and costly goal and will most likely take me another few years to be complete with how I would love for it to be, but nonetheless, it is a goal I intend to finish and we all need goals to strive towards.

My father was a serial salesman and back in the beginning always told me that I had to monetize the blog. We used to argue about it as I told him that is not why I started it. That what I wanted was to help the industry and that my reward will be the blog readers that buy my shoes. And that truly has been my reward as the blog did help to build and continues to help build my shoe brand.

Naturally, you can see that I do have supporters in the form of brands that either pay me or exchange product for advertising space/content and that is great and definitely helps. I never realized before, that as blogs get bigger they get more expensive, mainly in upkeep and being able to function daily. Not to mention if you want to upgrade the look of it, which I did this year and am very happy with. It was way overdue! And it was the first step towards that lofty goal. Believe me, I have way more things in the works 😉

That being, with great companies like Patreon helping to allow people to support their favorite creative artists, I had been thinking about a way to incorporate the same sort of structure on my own site as many of my fellow bloggers have gone that route and as our sites get bigger, financial support is always appreciated and helps to keep the stress at bay. Not that I am in financial strain so do not read this as a plea for help.


As I, like many, appreciate good service and love to reward for that in the form of a tip — like to the waiter at the restaurant or to the bartender that knows what you want to drink before you even reach the bar and has it ready for you– there is now a way to do so here on The Shoe Snob Blog

This is by no means obligatory and of course, is at your discretion but if you are one of those that likes to reward in the form of tip, each post will now have the opportunity for you to add one (see red button below). If you prefer a one-and-done type of thing, there are also ways to leave tips on a consistent time basis i.e. daily, weekly, monthly etc. and it will simply take it automatically based on what setting you set it at.

For all of those that decide to support, I thank you in advance, and for those that do not, no worries at all. This post is simply to let you all know what this new bar is there for and why.

I write this site for passion and will continue to put as much as I can into the blog, no matter what, in the hopes to continue seeing men wearing better shoes and become consistently more knowledgeable on the subject of shoes.

Add your tip here

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

-Justin FitzPatrick




2 thoughts on “Support The Shoe Snob Blog”

  1. Dear Justin,
    It feels privileged and so exciting to be able to witness these 11 long years.
    May the success and happiness be with you.

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