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Stefano Bemer bespoke footwear


While unfortunately the name of the title of this post is more figuratively speaking (and thus not literal), it still goes without saying that the Stefano Bemer name and company is now coming to London to take orders on bespoke footwear, for the very first time. It was always a hope of mine that Stefano’s brand and name would grow outside of his lovely home town of Florence, Italy and the few other places that housed his shoes (mainly Japan, Korea, Germany and Russia). For me, he made amongst the most beautiful pieces of footwear that I have ever come across and it always saddened me that more people did not know about his brand, when his artistic abilities where more than deserving of world renowned recognition!!

The new owners of his brand have done a good job at taking the brand to the next level in the hopes to spread the name, artistic abilities and history of the late Stefano Bemer. In doing so, they have partnered with the esteemed gentleman’s outfitters New & Lingwood whereby they will be hosting a private champagne reception on Thursday the 26th of September, from 6pm-8:30pm, to not only introduce his brand to the people of London but also to take orders for those that have always been keen on obtaining a pair of his shoes.

I only have 5 tickets to hand out (all with a +1), so the first 5 people to email me at will be the first to get those tickets and thus be on the list to come to the event. I of course will be there, so I look forward to seeing those that decide to come.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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3 thoughts on “Stefano Bemer Is Back!! And Coming to London!”

  1. Hi Justin! Given you have worked with the master himself, which RTW model in your opinion would best embody Mr Bemer’s artistry?

    1. Definitely his two toned balmoral oxford in Black calf, red suede….that summed up Stefano’s ability to mix beautifully classic models with a dash of fun, and where I got a lot of my own inspiration for my line

  2. It is pleasing to see that a new ownership who seems to care about the legacy of the Bemer name is doing what they can to do so in a positive manner!

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