Norman Vilalta Shoes

One thing that I love about Norman Vilalta’s shoes design is that he sometimes does things that are so different yet so familiar. I mean, they are quite uncommon in terms of modern day design but make me reminisce to what might have been common back in the pre-40’s shoes. Yet, while being different, they don’t jump out at you as if he was reinventing the wheel. It’s subtle, like this amazing derby spectator, which has to be one of the coolest derbies that I have ever seen. It still amazes me that for all of his creativity and passion that he has not been more recognized in the industry. But I guess what’s meant to be will be in that regard. Hopefully with a few posts here and there, many of you will start to appreciate what he does, and what the pupils of Stefano Bemer are coming out with….

On another note, Forbes Life was kind enough to feature me and my footwear collection, J.FitzPatrick. It was a great honor to be written about. Thank you Forbes and writer Troy Alexander! —- READ HERE —-

Norman Vilalta Shoes Norman Vilalta Shoes


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