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We all know how much I love a spat boot, and these beauties are an amazingly fresh version within the spat boot arena, not only for the colors but for all of the brogueing that comes with it. Usually you find that spat boots come in simple cap or plain toe variations with little to no brogueing, but this number here (by Ed Et Al) breaks all of those norms and looks quite cool doing it. The only thing that let me personally down, was the zipper, but after finding out a bit more, it was not done because they were not capable of doing a traditional spat boot but rather because the customer requested that it be easy to put on. And let me tell you that from what I hear, a traditional spat boot with button hooks and all is anything but easy put on. So in reality, while I would never request the zipper, I can’t blame him…. Nevertheless, I do like the way in which it was designed. It has a great last, with a nice casual feel about it, something that for me would go amazingly well underneath a nice pair of jeans or maybe some moleskin trousers with a nice big cuff… I am starting to dream…. Anyway, it’s always refreshing to know that another maker can do a spat boot as it is not something that you will commonly find in a factory’s repertoire.

I hope that you all enjoy your weekend!!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

6 thoughts on “Spat Boots by Ed Et Al”

  1. I love the idea of these, and if you look at the upper without the shaft they look very well made. But there’s something about the proportion that doesn’t work for me – the buttons being so close to the front maybe instead of down the side, and…they look a bit plastic.

    Still, the customer is always right, eh? Always good to see someone do something different.

  2. I always can’t help but notice that the colour and patina of Edwin’s shoes seem to be whiskey based, especially when you see the decor of his shop, as well as the widish selection of the golden nectar available!

    In related news, I’ve decided on the pair of loafers with the leather trim around it as my first purchase from you! Have you thought of a name for it?

  3. Alex B – Thanks for sharing…

    Benjy – Now that you say that, I realize it too!! That’s funny! Glad that you figured out your first pair from me. They are called “Marcos.” Don’t think that i have forgotten about the “Benjy” with a crepe sole!!

    Jerrell – Don’t think so….not that I know of at least….definitely not on the inside though…even if it worked, it would not be comfortable…


  4. You could just make the the boot with out a zipper. Look at Dandy’s button boots. Zippers on boots are lame. There is always one detail that just ruins a shoe.

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