Shoes don’t get much more interesting than this. And who do we have to thank for that? The Japanese and a bespoke shoe firm called Sinner (while I found what I thought to be their website, it did not work?) As I have stated in the past, the French are the masters of color and the Japanese are the masters of being bold and I love them for that. Those red suede, cap-toe, side lace brogues are simply amazing to say the least, let alone extremely unique and creative. Even with all of the crazy ideas I have floating around in my head, those may have never come to mind, but seeing them opens up a whole new path of ideas for me. I am particularly partial to all of these shoes due to my love of the combination between black and red (hence my saddle shoes, which are my favorite) as well as the fact that they are all incredibly beautiful. I think that if I went to Japan and visited all of the bespoke shoe shops, I just might never want to leave. But it gives me great pleasure to always see the creations that they have produced, knowing that when I do start my line and make the crazy designs that I have in my head, I know that at least the people of Japan will appreciate my shoes!!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Souliers

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